Ex Hire High End X-Spot Extreme, flightcase pair

Ex Hire High End X-Spot Extreme, flightcase pair


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• Two zoom lens options with constant aperture and focus tracking
  - 2:1 (f1.4 six-element zoom lens, 15° - 30°)
  - 4:1 (f2.0 11-element zoom lens, 12° - 48°)
• 630° pan and 240° tilt
• Extremely smooth movement
• 16-bit gobo indexing for the most precise positioning
• Smooth CMY color mixing
• Variable color temperature correction from 3000K - 7500K through use of variable CTO and CTB filters
• Highly efficient optics achieve stunning brightness levels
• Standard configuration includes three modules

Sold as seen, no warranty offered.

Shipping can be arranged, please call
  - Color mixing module features six-position dichroic color wheel with five replaceable colors (plus open)
  - Dual rotating gobo module with two gobo wheels
    • Wheel one features seven rotating, indexing LithoPatterns® with stacking capability (plus open)
    • Effects wheel has rotating, indexing glass effects in seven apertures (plus open)
Rotating gobo and iris module features seven rotating, indexing LithoPatterns with stacking capability (plus open) for incredible effects layering and depth
• Alternate glass or metal templates can easily be switched with existing LithoPatterns
• Remote beam flatness adjustment helps eliminate hotspots
• Light Burst™ technology temporarily increases light output for special effects
• Mechanical and electronic strobe
• Smooth, linear dimming
• Internal effects software feature allows for a varied selection of pan, tilt or circular movements based on last programmed position
• Self-adjusting, variable speed fans for quiet operation
• Variable frost
• Variable iris


• DMX-512 compatible
• Fixture talkback to console for automated patching, status updates and more
• High-resolution optical encoders for precise positioning
• On-board programming and playback
• Easy function access with large graphic display, which automatically inverts based on fixture's hanging position


• Flicker-free, electronic universal power supply (90-250V)
• Modular construction for easy upgrading and customizing
• Square base for universal truss mounting
• Easy head removal with clamshell bezels